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Every day the cousins Mitch and Cyris (18 and 20 years old) dance on stage at a bar in a touristy part of Manila (Philippines). In exchange for extra 'support' they go home with Korean, Chinese, and often also Western men. Why? Because Mitch's and Cyris' families don't have enough money to take care of all the children. Mitch and Cyris are responsible for their sisters, brothers, and parents. TINKEBELL. met the girls in a bar in Manila and got to talking.TINKEBELL. listened to the girls' stories in horror. Mitch had never been to school, meaning most things needed to be translated by Cyris who had learned to speak English. 

Heartbroken and slight embarrassed they spoke about their situation at home. Mitch's father drives a 'tricycle taxi' (a bike with a sidecar), but often only has one customer per week. TINKEBELL. made use of those taxis a lot herself, and knew that a ride usually cost between 30 and 80 pesos (50 pesos equals one euro).
Up until recently Cyris' father was a construction worker, which enabled him to take care of his family. Then he had a heart attack and became unfit for work. After that both girls were responsible for their families.

TINKEBELL. pressed on and the girls told her about their dreams. Dreams they thought would never come true. The girls seemed to have given up hope. Mitch longed to go to school to learn languages and become a flight attendant. Cyris wanted most to start a business with her mother, selling meat - something you see a lot in the streets of Manila: little stalls where you can buy skewered, barbecued meat.The planTINKEBELL. called her friends in the Philipines to ask if they would help her organize a photo shoot. Not with Mitch and Cyris as the leading ladies, but with herself in the spotlight. By taking her clothes off, TINKEBELL. hopes the girls will be able to keep theirs on.

The pictures became a 2013 calendar, and the proceeds will go to an investment fund for Mitch and Cyris.

1 *You can buy a calendar for only €20,- (+ shipping costs!) Below you can find payment information.2 Of course every donation is welcome! When you donate €20,- or more, you will receive a calendar.3 Donate €100,- or more and you will receive one of the pictures as a postcard, signed by me.
4 Donate €500,- or more and you get a signed print (A4) of one of the pictures.

Please send your money toTINKEBELL.
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Rabobank Amsterdam (NL)

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More informationhttps://www.facebook.com/savethegirlsinmanila

*This is an exclusive price offered on this website.(anywhere else the price is euro 24,95)

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