Become an official 'friend of TINKEBELL.'

Yes, we're talking a bout friendship for at least one year!
You decide how much you can spend to support, and TINKEBELL. will send you a present in the coming year. (For that, you need to send your adress info to )
And Yes, you will get all the updates and invitations etc.

(And YES! Meanwhile you're saving the artist!

So, you decide how much, but you make a small (or a large, it's all up to you!!) donation:

Via paypal:

or sent your donation directly to
BANKACCOUNT NR. 10 24 89 750
IBAN NL55 RABO 0102 4897 50
Rabobank Amsterdam (NL)

Don't forget to mention your contact info!!! - otherwise I wont be able to spoil my friends with postcards and presents.

(i would be sooo happy!!)

But maybe,...are you interested in sponsoring a special project like "SAVE THE WORLD"or "SAVE OUR CHILDREN", the projects TINKEBELL. is currently working on or part of it? Or you want to donate materials, food, space, residencies / anything else? Or, maybe you prefer to discuss the possibilities with the TORCHMeister and/or TINKEBELL. ?  - Yes, any help could be useful.

Just sent an email to
or call: 0031 (20) 6260284

All donations are welcome!